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Why We Started

My son, Grant Kordic, was born July 15, 2019. It was, and I'm sure always will be, the most amazing moment of my life. As a new mom, I was only prepared for the average overwhelming days and nights I had heard about in my "fourth trimester" class. However, soon after Grant was born, it was obvious something was wrong. I remember being at our 2 week checkup and telling the pediatrician, "I think he has silent reflux." 

Fast forward 3 years, Grant has seen many doctors, has multiple diagnoses (celiac, allergies, food intolerance, FPIES, colitis) and less than 20 "safe foods." It's not something I share often, as I think it is important that "your disease is not your identity."

Navigating this reality thus far, I have become increasingly frustrated with how exclusive "fun" is for children like Grant. When we are with others we often use the phrase, "everyone eats different food." The saying was inspired by one of Grant's favorite Sesame Street books, "We're Different, We're The Same." "Everyone eats different food" has become a saying Grant knows and repeats. While it's true, I still want to create a more inclusive environment for Grant and children like him where the phrase is just an aside and not the focus of why we cannot participate.

I hope you'll join Grant, my husband Brandon and I on this journey. I also hope I can help create happy memories for children like him everywhere. 

-Amanda Citarella-Kordic, Founder/Executive Director/Mom

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