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Kids Playing with Balloons
Picnic After Camping

Fun Without Food

Current culture often has a strong focus on food being the highlight of the occasion. Instead of the birthday cake, Christmas lasagna, etc. being the center of attention, Fun Without Food aims to encourage non-food alternatives as the main event!

We hope to put on events, like a Halloween Trunk Or Treat with toys, and will provide ideas for anyone to implement through our blog.

This shift in culture is key in creating an inclusive time for all children to enjoy.

Picnic Over Potluck

We all need to eat. However, sharing isn't always an option, especially for children on medically necessary diets. Picnic Over Potluck is an idea to shift away from potlucks, which are especially exclusive for children on medically necessary diets, and shift to picnic gatherings.


The idea of Picnic Over Potluck is to bring one's own food, without sharing. The focus becomes on the gathering as the main event, instead of the food. The picnic can also include fun activities, like cornhole, potato sack races, tug-of-war, etc. 

Everyone Eats Different Food plans on holding picnic fundraisers so, check our website for upcoming events!

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