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5 Food Free Ideas For Summer Birthdays

Summer birthday? We've got you covered! Chances are, your child and his friends will talk much more about riding a roller coaster than a chocolate cake. So, here are 10 ideas for celebrating your child's birthday without food.

  1. Amusement Park

Instead of having a birthday at home in the backyard with all of the kids from your child's class, tell them he/she can bring his two best friends with him for a day at an amusement park.

2. Lake/Ocean

Lake, river, ocean, waterfall. Whatever body of water you have access to, have your child and a few friends get on their swimsuits and cool off from the summer heat. Get a few parents to join you so that you don't have to feel the stress of watching all those children at once. Pick a spot with a lifeguard for even less pressure.

3. Backyard Games

Pick a time after a mean, say from 1-4, to host a party. That way your guests are fed and will soon be fed again. Create a backyard extravaganza of games to play. Rent a bouncy castle, play tug of war, have sack races. Instead of filling a pinata with candy, fill it with little toys.

4. Go on Vacation

Save up your vacation days for your child's birthday every year. Summer is the perfect time for family vacation. The weather is nice. School is out. Hop in the car or on a plane. Let them pick every year from a list of spots.

5. Backyard camping

Have you child invite a few friends over for a special slumber party outside. Have the children's parents leave them with you after they've had a big dinner at home. The parents can send each children with their own snacks, if needed. Let the kids stay up late -- always a fun novelty for kids. Have flashlights and ghost stories ready or star maps and a telescope. Have the children's parents pick them up in the morning before breakfast.

There's so many ways to have fun in the summer! Ask any of your adult friends what they remember from their friends birthday parties when they were kids. I'm sure it wasn't the ice cream cake. Memories are made from fun times!

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